About Us

Australian designed and manufactured On-Board Weighing Systems

Haul Weigh is a leading industry name in On-Board truck scales, weight indicators that are highly reliable and accurate. Haul Weigh is designed and manufactured by Truckronix in Sydney Australia. Trucktronix is an innovative company with highly experienced engineers developing new technological solutions to solve different types of trucking industry problems. We are a complete manufacturer of electronics and software systems, from aesthetic design through to programming, manufacturing, and installation. Our priorities will always be to provide high quality customer service and help truck operators achieve maximum productivity and profit. We focus all our attention on this industry, so we can be superior to our competition who still use old unreliable technology.

Why we need weighing systems?

As tougher new laws and regulations are introduced, all bulk transport vehicles will require load measuring scales. Trucks can only carry a limited amount of weight due to laws that have been implemented by the government. The reason for this is that overloaded trucks damage roads, infrastructure and are also responsible for most trucking accidents.
Heavy vehicles are frequently inspected on the side of the road and at government weigh stations, overweight vehicles are issued with fines or court notices which result in enormous fines or a jail term. Overloaded trucks must unload their surplus weight before they can move on to their destination.
Companies spend thousands of dollars every year on in ground weigh bridges and court fines due to this issue, weigh bridges cost around $50 per single use at the time this was written and continues to rise every year.
Companies also lose time, waste fuel, and lose profit from loads that are not to their full capacity.

Why pick Haul Weigh

Haul Weigh on-board scales feature a full colour touch screen, multi sensor capability, are highly advanced, and are the simplest to use truck scales currently on the market. The system allows customers to accurately know their specific axle group weights before they leave their loading site. Haul Weigh truck scales have become an industry name and are available as a stock option at many truck body building companies. Haul Weigh also provides support to customers who may need help with the installation and calibration of their Haul Weigh system.