General Usage

We recommend you always follow these general practices to ensure you get an accurate reading from your HAUL WEIGH device.


-  Be sure to use the same weigh bridge when weighing your truck empty and loaded. Weigh bridge’s accuracy are slightly diffrent to each other due tocalibration timing.

- Make sure to check the truck/tractor for any air leaks. Sometimes a slight air leak will significantly affect the scales weight reading.

-  When going through calibration process, leave the engine running andrelease the air brake. If the air brake is engaged at anytime during the calibration process it will lead to inaccurate measurements due to unstable air pressure and truck movement.

-  If your lazy/lift axles are connected to your main suspension (HCV) Height Control Valve, they should be set to the lower poistion even when the truck is empty.

-  When loading up truck for calibration. Load as close as possible to the legal limit to improve the accuracy of the scale system. Use calibration blocks if accessible.


-  Make sure you are always on even ground when trying to obtain your weight. If the ground is not level the scales will not read accurately due to airbag pressure changing on uneven road surfaces.

-  Some trucks/tractors require the air brake to be released for the air to start flowing into the air bags.

-  If you have automatic adjusting suspensions, deflate the air bags and inflate to drive height before reading the measurements.

-  All lazy/lift axles have to be set to the position they were calibrated at.