All our manufactured scales come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty due to workmanship defects.

This warranty does not apply to problems resulting from the following listed:

‣ 1. Improper application, installation, incorrect wiring or operation outside of the manufactures instructions.
‣ 2. Accidents, faulty suspension parts, faulty air system, faulty air bags or power surges.
‣ 3. Inadequate maintenance or preparation by the buyer or user, abuse, misuse, unauthorized modification.

TRUCKTRONIX Pty. Ltd. does not assume any responsibility of liability for any loss or damages resulting from the use of our products. In no circumstance will TRUCKTRONIX Pty. Ltd. be held liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including loss of profits or loss of time) resulting from the operation and performance of a TRUCKTRONIX Pty. Ltd. product. In all cases, TRUCKTRONIX Pty. Ltd. liability will be limited to the original cost of the product in question. TRUCKTRONIX Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to make changes and improvements in the design, construction, and appearance of any of our products without any notice. TRUCKTRONIX Pty. Ltd. may at its sole discretion discontinue support, warranty, or repair of products which it deems are obsolete. No employee or agent of TRUCKTRONIX Pty. Ltd. has the authority to modify the terms of this warranty disclaimer in any manner at all without the written permission of TRUCKTRONIX Pty. Ltd.


Before returning any product, please request a return number by calling Customer Service at 1300 342 147 or email support@haulweigh.com. All shipping costs for returns must be paid by the customer unless otherwise specified by TRUCKTRONIX Pty. Ltd. For your peace of mind, items should be carefully packed to prevent damage in shipment and insured against possible damage or loss. TRUCKTRONIX Pty. Ltd. will not be responsible for damage resulting from careless, inadequate packing or loss in transit.


A Return number must be received by the original purchaser before any product can be returned. Only new and unused products may be returned. Credit will be issued to the original purchaser after evaluation of the product is deemed brand new.